Your face, your skin: Male and Female.


We want to share a homemade WRINKLE CREAM that is easy to make, has a long shelf life and is pleasant to apply.

Two [2] tablespoons vodka

One [1] tablespoon fennel seeds for female, fenugreek seeds for male.

One and one half [1-1/2] tablespoons honey

Combine well and let sit for 3 days. Strain. Use full strength or add 2 tablespoons water. Use cotton ball to apply.

Apply as often as you wish on any part of your skin. It is nutritious.  The fennel has been known to act as estrogen where there is a deficiency (as in menopause), and to reduce an excess of estrogen (as during P.M.S.). The fenugreek manifests a warm spicy aroma and enters the lymphatics and cleans them. Apply with a cotton ball or spritzer.


Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon

Brown sugar, 1 teaspoon

Salt, 1 teaspoon

Lime juice, 1/2 lime

Use as often as desired. Feel free to experiment; make adjustments to the basic recipe and share your results.


Do you smoke?

This is how your skin will look eventually if you do not take charge. Obviously the most critical adjustment is STOP SMOKING and AVOID CIGARETTE SMOKE environments. Use food grade skin products. Do not forget that your skin consumes. . . drinks whatever you expose it to. Choose a diet that is high in collagen building and antioxidants. Get rest and exercise. Keep your dental health optimal;  infection free.


One author referred to the tanning bed as a suicide coffin.  Have you ever been confronted by a one-time beautiful person who looks more like a ‘saddle bag with eyes?’ No joke. This is not a funny condition. The results can be life threatening and physically ugly.

Stop tanning! Never smoke consume alcoholic drinks while sun bathing. our skin and eyes need about thirty minutes of sun per day on our bare skin. If you must have color on your precious skin, find alternatives such as vegetable juice products, spray skin tan products. Search until you find organic and hypo- allergenic products. Better yet, make your own tanning product.

Feed you skin wisely.  Contact us if you experience skin issues. We specialize in hopeless conditions. We can help you toward a bright future. YOU are your HEALER. We give you tools, and although we work hard for you, YOU must work hard also.

Happy Trails to you, MaryEllen

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