Your Dentist, holistic or conventional??


dedicated to Dr. Bill Westendorf, White Oak, Ohio

It is our opinion that your dentist is the most important professional in your life. Reason being that our teeth are connected to every organ, tissue and meridian of our body. The overall condition and health of each tooth can have a profound affect on how we feel and function. The condition of your teeth also represents the condition of your organs. Your teeth also represent your emotional health.

We feel that our dentist is the best dental professional in the world. Is that how you feel about your dentist?

Below are two websites which are interactive to your mouse. Click the teeth to learn more tons of information about each one. If you have a troublesome tooth, investigate it. You may realize the cause of physical and or emotional difficulty in your daily life. You will not choose to ignore this.

Serious abscess of dental tissues whether it is the tooth, jawbone or gum material can have devastating effects on your well being.

Popular tooth paste ingredients are so scary, we are warned not to swallow more than what is used for brushing. But the lining of the mouth has a 90% absorption efficiency, so we poison ourselves anyway.  From:

Therefore, search for edible tooth cleaners, or make your own.  Share with us and the rest of world what you find for tooth cleaning that is healthy. We have made our own tooth cleaner for years. We make a foam with miracle II soap [not actually soap], peppermint oil and water to use on the toothbrush. Also, for whitening we mix aluminum free baking soda, and salt. Place a small pile of the powder in the palm of your hand, add a few drops water and dissolve the powder before brushing your teeth with the liquid. The dry baking soda can scratch and damage the dentin.

We are interested in learning about your recipes. Please share via your comments.

Examples of the tooth-organ connection

 “A man goes to the dentist and says, “I’ve got a terrible toothache”. The dentist takes one look at the tooth and says, “There’s nothing wrong with that tooth. You need to get your intestines cleaned out”. The man undergoes colonic irrigation and the pain in the tooth disappears. Another man who’s pulled a hamstring muscle goes to see his dentist for a check-up. The dentist makes a quick realignment of one of his teeth, and his hamstring problem is cured. These seemingly fantastical cases are just a few selected from the patient files of David Hefferon, one of a small handful of holistic dentists in Britain. In itself, holistic medicine is not new. In the 1980s, it was the buzzword for seeing the patient as a whole person, and also referred to the integration of a number of different medical systems, both alternative and conventional. The concept has taken years to arrive in the relatively staid world of the dental profession.”

With thanks to What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You   From:

Choose your dentist with greatest care. Holistic dentists, many of whom are also licensed Naturopathic doctors can be found, so look until you find the one for you and your family. Ask other people about their dentist until you find the perfect match for you; word of mouth is the best advertisement.


Sesame oil

Blood Pressure: Sesame oil contains, vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant. This antioxidant helps for lowering high blood pressure and maintaining low cholesterol levels. Sesame oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 essential fatty acids), but amazingly these acids are kept at a room temperature in sesame oil. This happens because sesame oil contains natural preservatives, which are sesamol and sesamin. Due to high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, this oil can help to control the blood pressure. For people suffering from cholesterol levels, this oil is a good choice to be used for cooking.

Oil Pulling: The method of oil pulling is used in ayurveda. Very few oils are recommended for oil pulling, and sesame oil is one of them. Oil pulling is a process, where the oil is used to swish the oil in the mouth. This process is considered to help maintain oral and body health. Oil pulling is also used for reducing the enamel wear from the stomach acid which happens in hangover and bulimic conditions.

Sesame Oil Nutrient Benefits: The mineral zinc in sesame oil, promotes healthy bones. Sesame oil contains copper which helps in rheumatoid arthritis relief. Calcium mineral in sesame oil, helps in the prevention of many health problems, like migraine, PMS, osteoporosis and colon cancer. Magnesium content in this oil, helps to maintain respiratory and vascular health.

Therapeutic Benefits of Sesame Oil: Sesame oil is anti-oxidant and anti-depressant, which is why it helps in well-being. So, sesame oil is used for relieving tension and depression.

This was all about sesame oil benefits. Research on the use and benefits of sesame oil continues.




Sunflower seeds are planted in contaminated fields because the sunflower has a phenomenal ability to biocleanse the earth. So when you see acres of sunflowers you may be witnessing the cleansing of that complete area.  We are of the opinion that this same quality could be manifested in the oil of the sunflower seed. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for the oil pulling technique. We enjoy using both the sesame and sunflower oil intermittently.

Form the habit of oil pulling first thing in the morning. Use about two teaspoons of oil and swish for up to twenty minutes. Spit into the commode and then thoroughly brush teeth and tongue with a healthy tooth cleaner. Floss and rinse with mild salt water or colloidal silver. Please see the OIL PULING article for more information.

Coconut Oil is another favorite for the oil pulling because of it’s inherent curing properties.

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