My husband’s face was drooping on one side. You said that it must be Bell’s Palsy. We never heard of such a thing, but my husband was suffering and his self esteem was dropping by the minute. You coached us on the telephone and taught us how to utilize the EFT. We were extremely surprised to notice a wonderful improvement in my husband’s face the very next morning. By the following day his face was perfectely normal. Thank you for teaching us an exercise that we can use for anything that happens.


Hi MaryEllen: I never dreamed that my physical problems could be caused by emotions. You proved this to me with the last session I had with you. Also, thank you for the orgonite devices. I can tell the difference in my home and I wear the personal one at all times. I feel more confident and I am sure my physical health is improved by the frequencies which you are sending to me each day. I use the EFT that you taught me for my own little issues and have taught my little grandchildren how to use it. Thank you for empowering me.


I was environmentally poisoned in Florida and had been to many MD’s and alternative Dr’s only to get dead end answers. I was depleting my funds quickly. I had by chance met Maryellen and she taught me how to become my own Dr. She taught me EFT which has changed my life and my family and friends life. I learned to self test myself and now I am my own Dr. If it was not for her I would never be this far with my health. I thank God that I met Maryellen and she has changed my life.
[note: We do not recommend self doctoring. Please utilize conventional medical attention such as yearly physicals and laboratory testing designed for diagnostic purposes as desired to maintain your health.]


I didn’t know if you wanted to get into how Jenny, our German Pincer was acting when we called you, but this is what happened. She was irritable, and couldn’t settle down. She was up and down and when she tried to lay down she just could not rest. So we called you and you said she needed that L-Arginine because she had gotten into some anti-freeze. We could see results within an hour that she felt better. The next morning we went to the health food store to get some Rascal per your suggestion and fed that to Jenny. She acted like she was well within 24 hours after she was poisoned. We suspected that she would need help with her kidneys, but she was just fine. We think you saved Jenny’s life.
[note: Veterinarians sometimes use ‘people’ supplements as is described above. Jenny’s owners felt that they could not get her to her own doctor in time to save her great suffering as this happened on a Saturday evening.]

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis (by a MD) and couldn’t eat popcorn or anything with little seeds. You told me to name the “tics” and since there were 7 of them, we named them after the 7 dwarfs – tapped (EFT) them and I have not had a problem since. Also, I can’t give you any specifics, but I feel like you have helped me detox the chemo’s from my body following the breast cancer treatments.

My husband’s RA in his shoulder was inherited from his mother, so we thought. But you helped him cure it. He  just got what you suggested and took it and he could tell a difference in a month. You taught us how to tap for it which we did everyday until the pain was gone. He got real relief by 4 months. He is still taking the honey and cinnamon in water everyday.

G. and B.S. Cincinnati, OHIO, USA

Mary Ellen  is an amazing, intelligent, interesting and WISE WOMAN with a head full of knowledge that would astound you! Mary Ellen taught me about Himalayan salt and the “other” ones. The importance of Himalayan salt in our diet every day. I bought the orgonite devices she made and I have that in my pocket or in my car every day. She taught me about the sole’ solution drops for my eyes and has helped me with the EFT to help my different organs get better so they can work to my advantage in healing. I am 63 years young!

I don’t know what I would do without her! I can ask her advice on anything in my life including people! MaryEllen healed the dystonia she had for years. Her recommendations even on diet are good too! God has given her an amazing mind with so much intelligence, like I said above she is blessed also with much WISDOM, one of God’s many gifts!
[note: My major protocol involves nutrition, hydration and hygiene.]


I began communicating with MaryEllen in 2006. Since then she has provided valuable assistance with my parents, my significant other and my own health issues. At one point she had me taking iodine, on the 3rd evening I panicked due too itching around my waist. 15 yrs before I had a very serious hives event with 5 months of joint problems including swelling and unbearable itching. MaryEllen had never been briefed on that event, but due to the itch returning I immediately stopped the iodine. Called her the next day explaining what had happened, she  determined that I had not previously had the typical allergic response, but that I had gotten into salmonella and my body had built a cocoon around the salmonella and it was still in my stomach. To be honest, I thought she was nuts, during the event I did not have any gastrointestinal issues… just itching, neck swelling and massive hives that sent me to the ER. I hung up scratching my head and immediately went to the Internet to do some research … and I found information on Reactive Arthritis that can be caused by Salmonella, the website described my 1992 symptoms exactly… since then I have never doubted MaryEllen’s knowledge or wisdom.
[note: Never use iodine if you are allergic to it. Do the patch test before considering iodine therapy.]

MG Indiana, OHIO, USA