Researchers are beginning to wonder: Is there no safe level of mercury?
The relationship between mercury and the immune system has been pretty
much ignored.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Most researchers have focused on the neurotoxic
effects of mercury on the brain, but Ellen Silbergeld, an environmental health
researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., has shown that low
doses of the metal can interfere with the body’s immune system, too.

In December, Silbergeld, together with her former postdoc Jennifer Nyland,
reported that low concentrations of mercury in human blood cells affect
immune function by disrupting cytokine signaling pathways”elevating the levels
of pro-inflammatory cytokines and decreasing the release of
anti-inflammatory cytokines.
Silbergeld has found evidence that mercury inhibits the migration of
neurons in mouse brain cells by disrupting the cytokine-mediated communication
between neurons and specialized immune cells in the brain called microglia.”

THOUGHTS: Dr. Clark stated that although mercury was outlawed in many ways
in the 70s and 80s, it is now increasing in “outrageous places.” Now, she
said, we need to test our detergents, soaps, herbal supplements, hair dye,
dry cleaned clothes, and dental supplies besides amalgam.

In some of Dr. Clark’s last discoveries, she found that mercury was a
mechanism in Parkinson’s disease, where it inhibits the L-DOPA and DOPAMAINE
reactions, making it necessary to take pills. Secondly, in melaonma, she
found it forms part of the tumor nucleus. Thirdly, she found that the enzyme,
bilirubin oxidase, is blocked or not made. It plays a role in every
jaundice case. Fourth, she found that in HIV disease, the CD4s catch and eat
viruses as they should, but they can’t destroy and expel them because they are
full of mercury from amalgam tooth fillings. Finally, she found that
removing mercury, as in amalgams, and killing two parasites in Kaposi’s Sarcoma
will bring back normal skin.



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