Avoid Potential Dialysis

AVOID Peas, Radishes, Celery, Watermelon, Bananas, and Winter Melon aka, White Gourd. (Creatinine)

Low protein diet. No red meat or pork. Very limited poultry and fish. No dairy. Low protein diet at first is very important to keep the extra stress off the kidneys. The red meat, pork, etc. is absolutely eliminated (accept for the little bit on the bones). Oxtail (which is beef), and neck bones (which is pork) can be combined and cooked on high until well done. Take out the meat and put the bones back into the crock pot to make broth for weeks. Freeze the cooked meat to enjoy when you are in recovery.

Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic. Just one cup a day is enough. More requires copious water consumption and mineral intake esp if taking herbal dandelion. (toxins ‘ride out’ on mineral water)

Get good bones with some meat on them. Just a little meat is needed. Put the bones, a lot of Good water, Salt or sole (Sole contains 1/5 th the sodium), vinegar or wine into a crock pot with a simmer setting. You can add TURMERIC root, GINGER root, garlic, onion, parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, and/or pepper. Add olive oil and/or butter if the meat and bones have no fat. You must have some good fat. Cook on high until boiling and turn down to ‘simmer’ (very low). The broth will not spoil at this temperature. You can keep it going for weeks, even months. Add more water solution (salt and vinegar) as you use the broth. Take out desired amount of broth and add cooked vegetables, ie, squash, green beans, cabbages, carrots, turnips, onion, beans, a little rice, etc., etc. No peas or celery yet. You will greatly enhance your health with this daily broth soup. You can put a sieve/strainer into the crock pot and dip out strained broth with a ladle or cup.

Sauerkraut is a super food, also BRINE pickles. Kim Chee is a 2 nd best; a little every day of any fermented food.

Good water is hard to find, but we CAN get it. The PERRIER in green glass bottles is true h2o. The bottle is sterilized with h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) which is very healthy. Another brand is also true h2o but the USA requires the bottles and cans to be sterilized. Benzene, a known carcinogen is used because it is cheap. It is ICE Mountain. When you are out, and need water, you could drink it, but try to stick to the Perrier 100%. Because you are drinking pure h2o, you will need less water to maintain hydration.

Actually, 1/4 th your body weight of true h2o is required; so a person of 200 # needs only 50 oz per day to maintain hydration. Several ounces more per day is required to REHYDRATE. Up to 16 oz more than the minimum to reach hydration over about 4 – twelve weeks duration.

Good free range or organic poultry occasionally, and/or wild caught sardines or Red Sockeye Salmon once or twice per week.

Cinnamon is excellent. (it regulates the sugar/insulin) I make cinnamon toast on SOUR DOUGH BREAD with true butter or olive oil and honey. Yum, a healthy treat. Be sure to get TRUE sour dough bread, NOT the sour dough STYLE of bread. http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2010/03/05/food-for-thought-health-benefits-of-sourdough/ It is easy to make; you need a starter.

Berries are the best fruit for you; add Kiwi, Apple (Red or Gold Delicious) and Cranberry if you can find it organic. Best veggies is Cabbages, (Broccoli, Bok Choy, Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, Kale) Squash, Asparagus, Okra and Carrots. These are all high in Vitamin C and calcium. Avoid night-shade veggies.

Get Glutathione in capsules. You can slather it with oil and insert into rectum like a suppository. This will quickly raise your liver super antioxidant. Do not take Glutathione by mouth; it will not work if deficient. NAC is a precursor which can be obtained topically via the skin or taken in capsules.

HCl (hydrochloric acid) aka, Betaine is a requirement. Our stomach produces it. As we grow older, we need to supplement it. Take a low dosage with each meal. You will need more of it when you can consume high proteins again.

Sunshine is the best D3. The liver stores it to use as needed. Get up to 20 minutes of sunshine (even on cloudy days) per day on as much of your body as you can. Dark green vegetables are high in Calcium. Take your supplement Calcium-D3, until you are efficient to avoid Ricketts.

Sugar is a necessary nutrient. Honey, true Maple syrup and Xylitol are beneficial. I recommend the Xylitol each day (up to a teaspoon). It must be the Birch bark xylitol. Read the label even if there is a green leaf on the package. If it says it is from corn, it is a GMO product.

Processed meats are absolutely denied! These are all # 1 on the Cancinogenic list. Every person living on these ‘meats’ is asking for cancer; no matter the age or background. No Bacon, Sausages, Hot dogs, Cold Cuts, Weiners, Spam, etc.

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