Salt Energy

For years (nutrition) ignorant doctors have been promoting the attenuation of salt because of edematous reactions resulting from its use. But is it the salt? Or is it something else?

Prior to about 1970 it was common for restaurants and consumers to add a few grains of rice into their salt shakers to prevent moisture from caking the salt. The rice grains would absorb the moisture and thus the salt would not clump up and could be easily dispensed from the shaker while the rice grains remained behind due to their large size.

Why is it that since that time salt does not clump when exposed to the everyday environment? The reason is that the salt manufacturers of commercial table salt add aluminum into their refined salt products and the metal takes over the function of moisture absorption that had been previously relegated to safe grains of rive. Aluminum is extremely toxic to the body. It swells up in the blood and lymph and produces a sluggish flow of these critical body humors. Potassium counters the effects of aluminum and Potassium Chloride makes an excellent salt substitute. Most people harboring a disease are usually deficient in potassium which is the primary metal found inside healthy cells and attenuated or absent in diseased tissue.

Unfortunately aluminum is used in most commercial personal products such as powders, deodorants, foundations and etc. Also, aluminum is used in manufactured cakes, cookies, and some breads – the cheap, soft, doughy breads. Don’t bother to look at the label for aluminum. FDA permits ingredients that are less than 2% in volume to be eliminated from the label.

Much obesity is caused by the stored fluids which the body deposits into the fat cells in an attempt to protect the organs. Once a person desists consuming aluminum orally or topically, the immune can replace that toxin ( and others ) with the ocean water that all of our cells must be bathed in for optimum health. Thioctic acid, alpha-lipoic acid and/or sodium arginate will help you detox the heavy metals faster.
The human/animal frame requires salt. It is the ratio of salt to potassium that is critical to healthy cellular function. Unrefined salt is best and its use does not cause water retention as doctors incorrectly claim. It’s the aluminum that has been nefariously placed into the salt so as to deliberately create diseases that the medical profession can thus capitalize upon. If you feel ill seek out a naturopath because allopathic physicians are not trained in nutrition; which will kill you.

We do not use sea salt because it may be polluted (with bird dung). Mined unrefined salt is best because it contains many of the essential minerals our cells require to remain healthy. It should be pink or grey. Iodine supplementation is mandatory even if found in some salts, its concentration is too low to be effective. Bromine, fluorine, and chlorine kill off beneficial intestinal flora and attenuate thyroid function causing hypothyroidism which is an epidemic in the U.S. The healthy choice is to supplement with iodine rich foods.

We are being intentionally poisoned for profit. Criminal elements control the medical system and dictate to your doctor. It  is not about your health, its about your wealth.

Himalayan salt is the most beneficial for human consumption. There are other earth salts which are mined even in the US. Once you taste the TRUE salt, you will never desire refined salts again.

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