Proprietary Cleansing Protocol

Getting rid of Morgellons and other major disorders

To those of you so affected, there is no need to describe this debilitating condition to anyone except to perhaps, a deaf and blind allopathic medical doctor. I find it unconscionable that these supposedly brilliant experts of modern medicine can turn away from such outwardly disgusting wounds and welts to then have the audacity to say that the condition is mental and then add more insult to the injury by charging high dollar amounts to render such an ignorant and utterly stupid diagnosis. To date, the official stance of the establishment is that no such disease exists. That’s absurd!

There are many theories as to what Morgellons really is and its origin. Some believe that it was produced in some sadistic military laboratory populated by evil villains of Frankenstein ancestry or that it has been around for centuries only to suddenly explode upon the population of the world like a plaque from the 13th Century. Some go so far out on a limb as to claim a belief that these are another
life form which is some kind of a self-replicating nano-technology machine capable of cloning itself in a perpetual rampage within the body of its unfortunate owner.

This, of course, I do not believe.

When I began my research, it became obvious early on that I could not rely on academia for the answers I sought such as the cause and cure of cancer, because they clearly have to few actual cures to offer. Even the conquest of Polio turned out to be Nature’s cyclical rotation which reached a lull around the time of the first vaccine introduced to the world in 1955. The disease remains with us in the Millennium but has been re-named as a cover-up and is now called Aseptic Encephalitis; surprisingly those who catch it had been vaccinated for it and those un-vaccinated have largely escaped its debilitating grip. It should be interesting to note that the fringe religious sects such as the Mennonites, Amish and German Baptists rarely have issues with the new childhood diseases such as Autism and SIDS. They don’t allow their children to be vaccinated. Hint Hint…

At arms length, it is obvious that the western medical system is a colossal failure and efforts to learn essentially nothing would be a waste of time and money. I decided to learn medicine on my own and started collecting antique medical books averaging in age in excess of 80 years. I was astonished to discover that many of the diseases we are told to be incurable were in fact cured; often routinely. Cancer and Muscular Distrophy were among them. Of course, telling others of what I had discovered fell onto deaf ears because we have been so brainwashed as to believe that our medical system is the best in the world when in actuality it ranks about 37th according to research reported by the New York Times of August 12, 2006.

What I discovered is that drugs, for the most part, don’t work and were never intended to perform as expected. They were produced so as to exploit patients and generate incredible revenue streams for most of the players of the medical game, but mostly the drug cartels who set up the whole system. Prior to the take-over of the medical educational system by John D. Rockefeller in the 1920s, the curriculum of medical schools primarily taught that the use of energy based technologies along with herbal remedies from Nature had been working rather well; when the schools were suddenly converted to a platform of new petroleum based chemical drugs that hardly worked at all. Not much has changed since then.

Out of this chaos, I discovered a hidden secret first observed by Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) who developed a microscope technology that allowed him to observe viruses alive and unscathed while under observation in their natural habitat. Dr. Rife discovered that all pathogenic organisms develop a protective outer envelope comprised of crystalline patterns made from energetically attenuated proteins and enzymes that are sized and shaped identically in their every occurrence. Armed with this knowledge he elected to eradicate the formations with energy which he found would resonate with the solid structures of each disease and said energy, if of sufficient amplitude, could destroy the protective coatings via mechanical vibration while leaving healthy cells unaffected. Needless to say such a discovery would potentially ruin the profit streams of consensus medicine and his energy technology was quickly snuffed out. Fortunately, however,  not completely. Many amateurs and a handful of professionals are working diligently around the clock to re-discover and replicate his amazing technology.
Fasten your seat belt before proceeding!

Armed with Dr. Rife’s knowledge, it seemed reasonable to me that detoxification of accumulated debris in the body would clear the way for the bodies own immune system to increase its potential and subsequently drive out many diseases which no longer found the terrain amenable for their existence and thus, they would rapidly leave the body. Without a feedback mechanism, finding an answer without the benefit of having Dr. Rife’s microscope technology, I would be shooting in the dark. That is until I heard about Morgellons. If ever there was a condition that would provide positive feedback this was it. Owners complain of crawling sensations and even biting as suppurating wounds develop to such a scale that it appears that the owner tusseled with Captain Nemo’s giant squid and lost.

Over the course of a few months I developed a protocol for Type II Diabetics which worked out quite well. The small rural clinical setting could not support my efforts however, so I was forced to remove and store my equipment while returning to a way of living that I truly detested.  Fortuitously I met an amazing woman who urged me to place my equipment back into operation to see if I could do something for one of her clients who was suffering from this nightmarish condition. I capitulated and the experiment began. Over the months we worked together to devise a protocol that would cater mainly to cleanse the body of accumulated debris and it was then that we discovered that this disease is apparently associated with massive worm infestations. The solid colored fibers were only a small part of the condition and we were soon able to reach a stage where the wounds were universally healing up and no more fibers emerged from the skin surfaces.

We have been able to greatly attenuate the production of these worm-like critters and we are encouraged enough at this point to presume that a total resolution is in sight and that we will be able to eradicate this Satanic abomination from her body permanently. Our approach is based upon the application of several forms of energy along with colon cleansing and a few herbal substances which are adjusted to suit the nutritional needs of the client.  Nutrition is of critical importance in all cases of disease and Morgellons is no exception.

The major drawback to our approach is that it is extremely time and labor consuming to carry out. Our first client as had in excess of 24 therapy sessions, each lasting from 2.5 to 4 hours. Separated by a day or two in the beginning, daily later on, and then numerous times per day towards the end; all of this is adjusted based upon the amount of debris that the body can discharge safely without triggering Jarish-Herxheimer reactions that can shut down vital eliminative organs and induce toxin related comas. All of our clients MUST take daily cleansing enemas, occasionally with coffee, in order to keep the elimination channels open for the vast amounts of debris that are routinely discharged during the course of resolving this condition. To ensure the total destruction of the infestation, we devote our protocol to breaking the replication cycle by destroying the hatch-lings before they can reach the adult stage and thus remove the ability to produce more eggs. We believe that thousands of eggs are laid within as little as 36 hours, perhaps even in less time. Additional experience with other clients will aid us in fine-tuning this area of the protocol. The amount of trash that is excreted from the infested body during our cleansing protocol is truly amazing.

So far, based upon our slow progress, it is too soon to hope that this condition can be beaten; only time will tell. Due to the vast amount of time required to address the issues of Morgellons, we are taking reservations on a first-come-first-served basis and we can only handle two clients a day so there will not be many time slots available. The client must provide for their own living accommodations and transportation while visiting southern Ohio. Be forewarned, the process may take from weeks to perhaps months depending upon the degree of infestation and the condition of the immune system which must be simultaneously re-built. Fees will reflect a reasonable wage for both myself and my Handler in the beginning, but upon increasing success, rates will rise exponentially due to our limited capacity to handle the demand which we will likely never be able to fully accommodate. Make your reservations early. A word to the wise…

Caveat Emptor! Carmi B. Hazen