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Many animals, including dogs and cats are scavengers by nature. The animals have the innate ability to digest necrotic, rotting meat and vegetable matter including fecal material which carries bacteria that is deadly for humans. E-coli is one example. Animal’s bodies produce vitamin C (humans do not) and animal’s bodies produce enzymes provided for digesting rotting foods (humans do not). Many folks report that their pet dog enjoys “poop-cicles” from their own body and those of other animals. Is this weird diet choice a natural ’taste?’ Is this ’craving’ generated due to the absence of raw meat, IE, necrotic raw meat in their diet?

Looking for "who knows what?"

Photo Lulu the Chah Hooa Hooa [chihuahua] and her shadow

Discussion regarding GMO foods and dietary requirements for pets, especially dogs and cats can be controversial. I wonder if it has occurred to the general public that all meats, IE, beef, pork, and poultry inclusive could become GMO product if the animals were subjected to corn diets [the corn fattens the animals thus producing more meat.] The pasture grass fed animals are far happier and produce far superior nutrition for human consumption.


Think about it. If the governments did test GMO foods for safety in the digestive tract, this was accomplished on animal subjects. In animals, the Genetically Modified Organisms are not considered to have nutritional value and are simply passed through the body of the healthy animal and discarded in waste material without consequence. However, this has not held true for all humans.

Facts relating to this subject:

A) Animals are a lower creation than humans. Since humans are a higher creation, any animal testing can only be partially adequate and sufficient for future human use of the tested product.

B) The strength of the individual immune system must be taken into account. A compromised immune is subject to contracting diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, pathogens, micotoxins and etc.

C) Scientist have stated that they “thought the GMO would simply pass through the body without concern of damage.”


Most animals thrive on a variety of foods. Many of the ‘people’ foods are deadly for dogs and cats. Do your research before you make food for your pet. There is a long list of deadly foods for dogs. Purchase the marked down fresh raw meats and fish and mix these complete with raw bones (accept poultry bones) with cooked rice and vegetables such as dark leafy greens, green beans, etc. Add food grade diatomaceous earth for parasite control. We mix this in large quantities and freeze it in containers. You can save money and be assured that your pet is not being slowly poisoned to death by eating “who knows what” scraps and chemicals which are used to descent and expand the product.

Another tip for digestive parasite control: Plant an Absinthium Wormwood plant outside in the sun. Pick a live leaf of this plant and add to your pet’s first meal of the day. We also harvest the dried leaves of this plant and use these when the living leaves are not practical in the winter months. The wormwood controls round worms, whip worms, thread worms, even tapeworms. TAPEWORMS? Yes, the tapeworm eggs are so tiny that they can ride on dust particles. Or pets are especially fond of outside earth and grass and are daily exposed to tapeworm eggs.  Simple daily routine with food can control the pests.


Veterinarians are wonderful people. They are limited to their medical training and subjected to laws of their governments. Holistic Vets are utilizing natural techniques as well as conventional therapy.

Pets respond wonderfully to energy nutrition and natural medicine. Send specimens of your pet and a resume of your concerns to us. Click on the Analysis Specs button and follow instructions. In addition, we will teach you how to use an energy technique on your pets for healthier, happier and more economical living.

Our pets are an important part of the family. After all, they were a Divine gift to us for our enjoyment. Enjoy your pets!

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