Nutrition Quick Start

Tangible nutrition Quick Start (Overview)

You Are Your Own Healer.

Are you wondering which supplements if any are important for you?

If you have a healthy life style we suggest that you take a complete Enzyme complex if you don’t take anything else.

Digestion problems calls for Probiotic supplements (which contain friendly bacteria) in addition to foods which contain friendly bacteria. There are a variety of these in capsules that are easy to take and do not require refrigeration. Enzymes are of most importance in cases of digestion woes. Take the enzymes with meals and between meals to obtain a healthy pH of 7.2 to 7.6. Disease cannot live in an alkaline body.

Do you have chronic joint pain? Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromylagia? You may be deficient in Magnesium Chloride.

We can test your hair tags for mineral, vitamin deficiencies.

Water is a vital subject. For many it may be difficult to find good nutritious water. See Water – Salt for tips on how to find the best source in your part of the world. How and when to drink water for your good health. Most people are dehydrated, are you?

Salt is a requirement for good health. See SALT under the Articles button for an overview of salt that is available to us and why we should produce SOLE (a saturated saline solution) and use it each day of our lives. We can bathe in an ocean in our own bathtub for a cleansing and mineral replenishing, skin soothing experience.

Organic foods must be considered for your safety. GMO foods have been altered to the extent that they do not contain the vital enzymes and minerals. Organic growers are required by the FDA to produce only non-GMO foods. In addition, these growers are permitted to use precious few chemicals, eg, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Conventionally grown foods are inundated with so many chemicals that they cannot be removed before consumption.

Purchase the best foods you can afford. Your children will thank you in later years when they consider their good health which was won by sacrificing that brand new bicycle or iPod every year. Your healthy body, and happy, healthy children will be reward enough for your sacrifices.

Is there a best way to consume fruit? In a word, YES. Fruit contains sugars and acids that actually are alkalizing in our body if consumed properly. There is a best time of day and suggestions on whether to consume fruit or juice of fruit. (See Fruit Nutrition under the Articles button)

Vegetables, especially dark leafy green vegetables contain easily digested minerals that are vital for good health. Learn how to make an easy Living Green Drink. In just a few minutes you can get the nutrition of up to forty salads in about a pint of delicious green liquid.

The FDA has many regulations on supplements and foods. There are no regulations on personal products; anything that is applied to the skin. Our skin is the largest organ which is alive; not a barrier as believed by many. This organ ‘drinks’ anything that is applied to it. So be very picky about what you apply to your skin. Find food-grade skin products and don’t allow yourself to be tempted by the models whom are used to advertise the chemically laden personal products.

That is the quickie overview. Push forward into our website and may you find information that will improve your life. Please send your own comments. I am always searching for hints and tips toward happy, healthy living.