Maintain Polarity

Polarity Reversal Exercise

Scroll down in the above website to the demonstration of the polarity exercise and perform this to realize your own polarity correction. A good way to determine whether you need this: you take a pill for relaxation but you get hyper. You cannot relax and go to sleep at night without essence oils or conventional medication. You cannot concentrate while studying or listening to a lecture.

I think most people will correct polarity by doing this exercise SEVEN times in a row. It could help to stand in your most comfortable room or outside area in the sun and face the northern direction. It’s OK to practice the exercises as much as you desire.

While performing these exercises say or think, “I am balancing my polarity comfortably and PERMANENTLY.” You can write it on paper or something and look at it while performing the exercises.

Be sure if possible to drink up to 14 ounces of water with 4 drops RESCUE REMEDY (the diluted solution) following the exercise.

So have your drink ready before you do the reversal program.

This is very helpful in cases of delayed healing or repeated occurrences of dis-ease. If supplements do not seem to help, your polarity may be reversed. If you just don’t feel “right” it is possible that you will feel happier and healthier when you perform the polarity exercise. It’s free and easy to do, so why not give it try?