Got worms? mmmmm, Probably!

Updated – 28Apr2011

Grodey! Also your pets have worms. So, let us do something about it. Pin worms are the most common human parasite. Most cultures know of a regular home-remedy to help the body detox this invader at least once per year. Farmers in the west and mid-west USA harvest certain wild herbs and prepare them as a delicious spring tonic meal in order to detox parasites via the digestive system.  Poke salad is a remedy that we have prepared and another is wild onion/dandelion brunch. Fresh sassafras tree root tea is totally delicious and is a powerful spring tonic remedy. If you live in the USA, ask your pharmacist for the Pin Worm syrup. It is a bit costly, but very effective.

Here is a yucky piece of information for you. . .  tapeworm [and other parasite] eggs are so small that they can ride on dust particles which float in the air. Wearing a mask is a positive practice when we are breathing air that could be contaminated. Construction sites sometimes find really grody stuff in the ground. Other particles could be machine oil droplets, rubber tire particles, and so forth. 

Common in humansWhat is the remedy used by your culture? Please share with us. Your neighbor may benefit from your experience.

Additionally, we are  including several suggestions in this blog.

1) HAND WASHING is probably the utmost important practice for preventing parasitic infections. Wash with plain soap and water before eating or cooking and after bathroom visits or handling animals. Dry with paper towels if possible.

2) FASTING just one day per week. Believe it or not, a fast starves parasites and weakens them so that the body is able to pass them right out into the sewer. Ewwwwww! Yes, even the dreaded tapeworm succumbs to the 24 hour fast which consists of water, certain herb teas and a bit of unsweetened coconut if you must consume solid food during the fast. Coconut is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal.

3) OKRA PEPSIN is a product by Standard Process and is available to the general public. If taken as directed, this product is known to help the body detox mucosal plaque from the intestines. The benefits are too numerous to pen in this blog. Mucosal plaque lines the intestines and gets hard. It is similar to tire rubber. Elvis Presley was reported to have 40 pounds of the plaque in his colon at the time of his death. A good fiberous diet and hydration is recommended to avoid forming plaque in our intestines. There are colon cleansing products and kits on the market, but Okra Pepsin is our favorite.

Plant Absinthe in your yard4) WORMWOOD and other herbs as noted by Dr Hulda Clark. Dr Clark companions the Absinthe Wormwood with Green Black Walnut Hull tincture and ground Cloves. The fresh ground cloves actually kills the eggs of parasites which could break the cycle of reproduction. In our experience, we always have a feeling of well being when taking the ground cloves; it seems to settle the stomach. If the black walnut is not available to you, check with your local natural practitioner to find the anti-parasitic which is commonly used in your area. Perhaps your local conventional doctor or pharmacist may offer a medical remedy that is easy to administer.

5) YOUR DIET may be the most critical consideration for parasite free life. Take the time to research GMO foods if these are common in your country. In our opinion, such foods are kin to frankenfoods and can be detrimental to your health if consumed day after day, week after week, month after month. Choose your foods with greatest care and purchase the best that your money can buy. Whatever you put into your body should be fresh, pristine and prepared with utmost care and love. Do not eat foods that were not prepared with love. Greed has driven corporations to sell fake foods to the general public. These corporations do not consume their own product.

Wash everything carefully. Even ‘prewashed’ foods must be washed at home before consumption. Just 3 passes under running water can be enough to cleanse fresh produce. Conventionally raised fruit and vegetables are sure to have pesticides and herbicides on the outside. We suggest that you peel anything that may have chemicals on the outside. Make special effort to locate organically grown produce, carefully wash it and enjoy the wonderful flavor. Truly organic foods do not contain GMO.

6) WATER and nutritious SALT is another subject of extreme concern. Drink the best water you can find 15 to 30 minutes before you eat a meal. The water triggers production of digestion enzymes which are critical for optimal digestion and destruction of unwanted bacteria or parasites that may have found a way into your meal. Do not drink water with your meal. If you need something to drink while eating, sip on some warm herb tea or wine. Have more water 1 to 2 hours following your meal.

SALT is necessary because our cells are bathed in ‘ocean water’ and must be replaced by our diet. Do the research. Learn how to make the saturated saline solution known as sole’ and use it daily. Purchase mined salt which contains minerals. This salt is pink or grey and the flavor is so good that you will look forward to your next meal. There is some sodium in earth/sea salt. Yes, we must have it in order to enjoy good health.

It is important to balance your potassium/sodium ratio. When the potassium is too low, many western medical doctors recommend to eliminate salt. Ask about balancing those two minerals. A concerned doctor will help you replace your lost  potassium. Get professional help for this. It is too risky to try this at home. Too much potassium can be detrimental also. Your diet probably needs adjustments in order to produce that optimal potassium/sodium balance.

Good health to you, MaryEllen

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