Galvanic Toxicity

Refuse to Have Metals Used in Your Dental Work
Holistic dentists use biocompatible materials that will not adversely impact your immune system. Beyond mercury, stainless steel and other metals continue to be used in the mouth by conventional dentistry even though they have been well established to have a cancer-causing effect when used elsewhere in your body.

Further, metals commonly utilized in dental work such as crowns, mercury fillings and implants can be quite toxic. When placed in your mouth they are sitting in a medium of saliva, which turns your mouth into a charged battery.

We call this charge “Galvanic Toxicity.” Your brain is a collection of millions of nerve fibers which t is essentially a battery emitting electrical charges throughout your body.

The Galvanic Toxicity in your mouth can bombard and over-stimulate your brain. Common signs and symptoms of Galvanic Toxicity are a metallic taste in your mouth, an electric charge with utensils and insomnia.

Finding suitable materials to replace the metals currently used can be a challenge, but a knowledgeable biological dentist should be able to inform you of the latest, safe alternatives.

Many holistic dentists can test their patients for compatibility to implant materials. If your dentist does not have this ability, he may suggest that you have a kinesiologist test you for the composites that are available. Another alternative is for YOU to learn how to muscle test or AK test.  We recommend this because it would be tragic to have dental implants installed only to realize at a later date that they must be replaced by another composite.