While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered in the experimental stages and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for it’s use. Nye-gong, an EFT counter part in Chinese Medicine is over 5000 years old. EFT has the ‘earmarks’ of enduring long into the future.

This site is strictly the opinion and insights of the author, after many years of personal research.
We are all unique, and our bodies were designed to heal themselves given the right ingredients and tools. Our body is it’s own healer. It was designed to maintain health. Imagine what you would look like if your cuts and bruises did not recover over your lifetime.

The Doctor or Practitioner provides tools and (if needed) required nutrition.
EFT and all the exercises and products recommended on this site are presented as non-invasive, practically effortless, and self-empowering! They are presented not as an alternative to the professional conventional health care of your choosing, but to be used in con-junction with the conventional medical therapy of your choice.

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Choose to be happy. Only you have the power over your happiness. We suggest that you do not relinquish that power to other persons unless you are powerless.

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M.E.D.Johnson, CNC, EFT practitioner