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We are in the opinion that our body is wonderfully made. Created by the Sovereign God of love and Creator of all things. He placed a healing mechanism in us that is commonly known as the immune system. It can be viewed as our internal doctor. Scientists in natural medicine have given the immune a name. It is Innate. Our immune is always busy with the task of placing nutrition molecules where they are best utilized by our tissues. IE, when we consume liver, our innate recognizes those molecules and transports them to our own liver to construct repairs as needed. So, eat your liver every week. Consume organ meats that are available to you in order to feed your own organs. ** See note below.

Our innate is busy conducting many tasks. We have continual cleansing and detoxing of our tissues. When the innate is not able to push out undesired, even dangerous product such as chemicals and other poisons, it places these in the fat cells.  In addition, the innate is busy providing the exact pH of 7.365 in the blood, and will borrow acid or alkaline from the bones to maintain the blood (life). Hydration is another important  assignment of the innate. Be careful to recognise thirst signals which may be mistaken to be hunger pans.

** [Note: We do not recommend consuming blood of any sort. Your blood is unique in all creation and more importantly, it is sacred because it is your life. There are Divine specific requirements regarding the blood of humans and animals which can be found in the Holy Scriptures. Look in Leviticus and Acts of the apostles for those laws.]

The innate welcomes good food, superior supplementation such as vitamins and minerals, herbs and cell salts, chelation and even surgery when required. All medicines whether pharmaceutical or natural are designed to fill the requirements that our tissues may have lost due to trauma, inherited weakness, disease or aging.

Updated 16 May ’11 – Simplified

We are not licensed to diagnose, therefore please advise us of any diagnosis you may have. Nutrition is very valuable in the recovery journey. We have fourteen years (as of Jan 2011) nutritional experience. We can send electronic frequencies to people utilizing their own unique DNA. Distance is of no consequence thanks to technology of telephone and personal computer as we coach and teach long-distance. This is accomplished via the computer. We have helped clients in various parts of the world.

We have seen our own combination of techniques assist people to improve or overcome anything that may be interfering with  happiness, along with your own chosen conventional medical course. The founder of EFT, Gary Craig’s motto is; “Try it on everything, it will probably work.” The EFT is a major component of our therapy. Search Emotion Freedom Technique on the internet for multiple and valuable information and training videos and click on our Self Therapy button for down-loadable tapping charts.

[NOTE; You may encounter videos and experiences among EFT practitioners whom allow questionable  practice. We do not inquire of the dead,  attempt to foretell the future or utilize “magic” to obtain improvement of well-being.]

Remote energy nutrition

A technique is accomplished via the science of quantum energy. This is a form of energy transmission similar to the way sounds and images or transmitted to the television, computer or telephone; the frequencies travel to you much like cell phone vibration travel. We may broadcast frequency programs.

Subtle Energy Nutrition

Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) is conducted over the telephone, internet chat or in person. We train as we utilize this acupressure/biofeedback therapy. It can enhance the rest of your life beyond your expectations.

We charge $35.00 USD for a telephone session up to one hour, and $15.00 each additional half hour. It is rare to exceed one hour on the telephone. See Energy Tapping Charts for free printable documents of EFT points. Call for a free consultation.

Frequency remote therapy:  $25.00 USD per twenty-four hour day.

Should it be suspected that your body does not contain a nutrition which your Innate requires for best results, we will suggest certain nutrition in the form of dietary change. We do not distribute supplemental products, therefore, you will be required to obtain any supplements you may choose to use via our suggestion. Should you be required to quit smoking or another addiction, our techniques are designed to help you with that.