About Us

I am MaryEllen D.Johnson of Loveland, Ohio, USA.  My dear supporting husband is with me in the photo. His name is Jack.

I am the owner and administrator of QIEN, a small business which we developed through the years following my own terrible ordeal with a rare incurable syndrome known as DYSTONIA. I will not bore you with a lot of detail. You can search the Internet for videos and other information regarding spasmodic torticollis.

The Dystonia syndrome is debilitating, but it is not terminal accept in the cases of suicide. I refused to concede that my body could not heal the cause of chronic, clonic and sometimes tonic neuro/muscular spasms. We believe that ‘you are your healer’ because we were gifted with an innate doctor, aka, immune system. This ‘doctor’ has the power to correct and heal any debilitation when given the right tools and raw materials if needed. Nutritional raw materials are required in most cases to heal disease such as diabetes, anxiety, injury; anything that may cause dis-ease.

I enlisted a famous neurologist to apply BOTOX injections to my neck muscles, a common way to treat spasms. The botox injection paralyzes the muscles which pull the body into contortions. I did not respond favorably to the botox. My head felt like it weighed twenty pounds, plus my neck was so weak that it was necessary for me to hold my head with both hands when arose from bed, stooped to look into the fridge, sitting or walking. The band-aid fix was as bad as the symptoms.

The neurologist told me that medications do not work. In disbelief, I chose to try the neuro pharmaceuticals and proceeded to prove that statement true.  I tried several prescription drugs which were prescribed by MDs; most of these are mind-altering drugs. None of the medicines gave hope of relief of symptoms or a remission of Dystonia. I was also a candidate for DBS surgery. Brain surgery was not my choice. I searched for correction, not a band-aid.

The remainder of my life was looking bleak, indeed, hopeless. The MDs of conventional medicine could only unsatisfactorily treat the symptoms and gave no hope of a cure because the cause is unknown. One MD prescribed Oxy-contin which did eliminate the spasms for a full 24 hours. I was not prepared to become addicted to such a powerful drug! So I discarded that prescription and entered a new world of life preservation.

I decided to peer into the world of alternative medicine. I studied nutrition and made many subtle and even profound changes in daily nutrition habits. I became a certified nutrition consultant. In the meantime I also learned how to administer “energy nutrition”, that is,  subtle frequency techniques, electronic frequency and quantum therapy. This is what QIEN * Quantum Intrinsic Energy Nutrition* is all about.

Armed with these new-found therapies, Holistic Dentistry, Holistic Chiropractic and Naturopathic doctors, I was able to help myself into a functional life again. Additionally I have been privileged to help many other people in various parts of the world who suffer from so-called incurable dis-ease and syndromes. It is not necessary for you to come to my office. You can be in any part of the world to receive our services. Much of this can the accomplished over the telephone or internet.

If you are interested in ordering testing by QIEN click on the “Analysis Specs” button for a listing of protocol choices. It is not necessary to travel to our location for the energy therapy.

Be sure to read the “articles” and “self therapy” buttons for practical information and tips for happy eating, drinking and living for yourself, family and your pets.

Have a blessed life.