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Please read our Blogs and articles as we continue to gather information for YOU.

If you are here because of a hopeless condition you will find practical tips and information that could change your life. Perhaps you found us because your conventional doctor has given up, therefore your prognosis is more than bleak. We have produced this website for you. Possibly you have been informed that your life is in danger due to a diagnosed disease or a condition that cannot be identified. Our entire technique was created for you.  We will guide you to state-the-art therapy if needed. We are devoted to teach self-technique that will return the power of your own well-being to you so that you may take charge of your own life. Do you have chronic pain? Dietary change may be the essential for you along with biofeedback therapy. Personal projects with the purpose of tissue cleansing or supplementation could improve your daily joy of life.

By all means, continue to rely on your comventional doctors of choice. Our techniques could empower you to respond more effectively to treatment, medication and therapy.

We find that most physical conditions have underlying emotional basis. Our physical tissues retain ‘memory’ of past emotional situations which can be remembered and corrected via BIOfeedback techniques.  Since the tissues do not have the capacity of reasoning and decision-making there may be tissue memories which occured during toddler years, infancy, anytime before personality maturation; a comment in jest from Grandfather which was not understood by a young mind, an expression on a stranger’s face which was understood by the young person to be detrimental for him/her therefore presenting emotional scars which have the power to effect expectation of events, positive choices, the feeling of well-being. We hear and see from the womb during the en-gestation months.

Was Mom frightened by road rage, an animal, a threatening comment? Was she grieved by a tragic loss? Perhaps playful comments were made and received by Mom that were completely misunderstood by the growing child. Tissue memories begin to form during the first few moments of life. Every emotion and experience Mom realizes is transferred to the fetus and then translated according the the individual personality. The consensus is that our personalities consist of 25% our Mother, 25% our Father and 50% unique YOU.  Bearing in mind that the 50% of personality traits inherited through our parents consists of their ancestry, and that each personality is unique, it is not suitable to treat with generic methods. There never has been and never will be a personality exactly like yours. We have the opinion that these facts entail individual analysis and therapy.

Updates on New Therapy for Morgellons/Lyme {updated 28 Aug ’11}

N.USP.A., aka: Elliot’s Disease, aka: Morgellon’s: This dis-ease, whether it is of parasite origin or laboratory produced mutant beginnings we continue to tirelessly toil until we discover treatment resulting in  complete relief of the symptoms.

We have a success ~arriving upon a total remission~  it is our first endeavor with this horrible disorder. The person had been diagnosed as “delusional” and “self mutilating” by allopathic doctors of several specialties. Topical and oral pharmaceuticals gave some temporary relief of symptoms; a continual search for MDs whom would or could help was the focus of her daily life.

11 Jul ’11 This has been a “roller coaster” journey of ups and downs, euporia and dissapointments. We are happy to report that we are certain that success is about to be true reality. Certain dietary adjustments apparently are key to this success along with colon cleansing, oxygen/ozone treatment and topical skin care. Our [this is her photo] is functional, feels great and the lesions are healing rapidly. She is free of the crawling, biting, stinging, fibers, balls, grains, gummy goop, brain fog and etc.  You will note disspointment in the May report below. I chose to leave it demonstrating that aforementioned “roller coaster” of events. This grassroots treatment porotcol has been in progress for nearly 11 months.

A second and third  are no longer in therapy [Feb 2011]. The former clients no longer qualify for our therapy because they have chosen to ignore critical dietary change requirements and/or colon cleansing regimen. We will keep you posted. Please click on Proprietary Cleansing Protocol under the ARTICLES button for more information regarding the therapy.

22 April ’11 Update: The individual you see here has endured retracing (healing crises) for several months. There have been set-backs and “Ah-ha’s”, sad and happy times during this therapy. We have learned volumes of facts and practicalities on this journey. The “Fat Lady Has Not Sung Yet.” It is not over at this time. However, she feels wonderful, she has lost every ounce of the extra weight and is enjoying her new immune strength. Her opinion is that complete wellness is imminent because her immune system appears to be near optimal, pH is balanced, new dietary habits are ingrained.

04 May ’11 Our girl is relapsing. Evidence is fulmenating that the victim relaxed in treatment due to new-found health, and traveling expense. Daily treatments are imperative at this time. It is our hope that she will concede, and sacrifice the time and mileage to win  more battles with anticipation of winning the war.

28 Aug ’11 Happily, it appears that the battle is nearly won. It appears to be over accept the actualy healing of the skin sores and scars. The client is nearly completely functional, working and has high energy. She is waiting for the opportunity to help family members whom are suffering Morgellon’s. Her hope is to completely recover before she exposes herself to others who have weaping sores. Meantimes, she is drafting a biography which will be loaded with practical tips and requirements for recovery.

Thank you for checking on us. Come back anytime.